chemical sorbents

3M Chemical Sorbents are made from specially treated 100% synthetic fibers, having the ability to absorb aqueous (water) based liquids, including acids and alkalies, and still maintain affinity for oil-base. Synthetic sorbents are important because they are chemically inert and will not deteriorate in most harsh chemicals. Most importantly, the sorbent material will resist reacting with chemicals, helping to eliminate adverse reactions. Organic (cellulose) and inorganic (mineral) sorbent materials can react with certain chemicals, creating a situation potentially more dangerous than that caused by the chemical itself.

The ability of Chemical Sorbents to handle a wide range of chemicals, including hydrofluroic acid (HF) makes these sorbents a logical choice for hazardous liquid control. These sorbents are universal in nature, absorbing water, oils, and chemicals. And, when considering the not so common chemicals, 3M Chemical Sorbents, by nature of their inert construction, remain a safer choice in sorbent selection.

Suggested Applications:

  • Cleaning up hazardous chemical spills, drips and leaks.
  • Ideal for rapid response containment and cleanup.
  • Hazardous material shipping.
  • Cover bench tops in anticipation of a spill.
  • Wiping up contaminated areas.

Chemical Sorbent Pad Brand: 3M Model No:P-110 

50 pads/dispenser box Size: 11" x 13"

  • Designed with quick and easy response in mind
  • Packed in convenient dispenser boxes
  • Sorbent capacity: 17 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Pad Brand: 3MModel No:C-PD914DD Packing: 6 dispensers/case

Size: 9 ¼" x 14 ½"

  • Low profile, highly absorbent and non-granular
  • Ideal for cleaning up small spills and wiping contaminated areas
  • 25 pads per dispenser box
  • Sorbent capacity: 23.5 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Folded Brand: 3M Model No:C-FL550DD Packing: 3 rolls/case

Size: 5" x 50'

  • Four sorbent configurations in one folded sorbent dispenser box
  • Can be used as a boom, pillow, pad, or roll, allowing you to stock just one product for emergency response
  • Perforations every 16" to allow you to select the length you need
  • Packed in a handy dispenser box
  • Sorbent capacity: 31.5 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent ChemRoll Brand: 3MModel No:C-SKFL5
Packing: 3 rolls/case

Size: 5" x 26'

  • Perfect solution for emergency response flexibility
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Encased in a clear plastic shrink wrap thus resists damage from exposure
  • Center dispense option allows you to use only the amount you need
  • Contents: each chemroll is 5" x 26' with perforations every 16"(19" x 26' fully opened) and comes complete with one temporary disposal bag and tie
  • Sorbent capacity: 15 gallons per case

Chemical Sorbent Mini-Boom Brand: 3M Model No:P-200 (size: 3" x 4')

P-208 (size: 3" x 8')

P-212 (size: 3" x 12')

12 booms/case

6 booms/case

4 booms/case

  • Ideal for placing around hazardous liquid spill to prevent them from spreading
  • Work quickly, giving you time to ensure proper cleanup while minimizing employee exposure
  • Sorbent capacity: 12 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Pillow Brand: 3MModel No:P-300 Packing: 16 pillows/case

Size: 7" x 15'

  • Small, lightweight
  • High capacity for holding liquid
  • Can be placed quickly at the source of a leak or thrown into the contained spill
  • Sorbent capacity: 8 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Roll Brand: 3MModel No:C-RL15150DD

C-RL38150DD Packing: 1 roll/case


15¼" x 150'

38" x 150'

  • Designed to cover large surface
  • Can be easily cut to cover small areas or fit tight corners, cover bench tops in anticipation of a spill while also act as a working surface
  • Sorbent capacity:
    - C-RL15150DD - 31 gallons/case
    - C-RL38150DD - 76 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Spill Response Pack Brand: 3M Model No:SRP-Chem Packing: 3 packs/case

Size: 21" x 13"

  • Compact size for convenient storage
  • Contains 3 chemical sorbent mini-booms and 10 chemical sorbent pads
  • Includes poly bag for temporary storage of used sorbents
  • Outside of carrying case functions as a warning sign
  • Sorbent capacity: 10.5 gallons/case

Chemical Sorbent Spill Kit Brand: 3MModel No:C-SKFL31 Packing: 1 kit

Size: 23" x 18"

  • Perfect solution for emergency response flexibility
  • Packed in an element-resistant 20 gallon drum (yellow colour)
  • Contents :
    - 2 rolls of chemical sorbent folded (C-FL550DD); each roll is 5" x 50' folded (19" x 50' fully opened)
    - 30 chemical sorbent pad (C-PD1719DD), each pad is 17" x 19"
    - 3 temporary disposal bags and ties
  • Sorbent capacity: 31 gallons/kit